I’m a sophomore (second) year undergraduate student pursuing my bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering at Jadavpur University. I love to learn, build & tackle challenging problems. My interests include machine learning (specifically deep learning), competitive coding, robotics.


fsmutil Python

A builder to automate sequence detection using Finite State Machines

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bfutil C++, Python

A collection of utilities to make Brainf**k great again. bf2c : A wannabe efficient Brainf**k to C translator (upto 90x faster than the basic REPL interpreter below), bfinterp : An interpreter for Brainf**k

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[Py]scuss Python

A bare-bones real time non-persistent chat app built using socketio, flask in python3. It was built to explore web sockets.

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LinkTo Python

An URL shortener built using Flask framework and Redis as the datastore. Built to explore key-value stores (Redis), the canvas based chart library ChartJS and atomic transactions.

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Classified Go

A small CLI program to Redact or Sanitize your classified strings.

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PytGress Python

PytGress is short for Python Progress, a library to provide fancy spinners and progress indicators for the command line interface. Inspired by the tqdm library.

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HackerNews - Sentiment Analysis Python

Sentiment analysis on comments from HackerNews to determine sentiment polarity of comments as we progress through the week.

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Game of Life Python

A simulation for Conway’s Game of Life, a cellular automaton. Zero-player game, evolution determined by initial state.

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MinePy Python

A clone of the classic minesweeper game. Built using python3, pygame.

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Crypto Quotes Python

A tiny status bar app for MacOS to keep track of the current crypto currency exchange rates.

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UDict Java

Unofficial Android client for Urban Dictionary, a crowd sourced online dictionary built by Aaron Peckham.

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Checksum Calculator Java

An android app using asynchronous file processing to calculate cryptographic hashes of very large files to verify file integrity.

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Feel free to reach me at sayan[dot]goswami[dot]106[at]gmail.