Sayan Goswami

Hi, I'm Sayan Goswami.

I'm a 18 year old student, developer, geek from Kolkata,IN. Intrigued by all things that go beep. The things that set me apart are honesty,dedication and perseverance. I believe in learning everything to the core.
Coffee to me is what electricity is to your Tesla.
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DPS,Ruby Park » 2009-2016 » Grade 6-12
Jadavpur University » 2016-2020 » ECE


Computer Languages - Python, C++, C
Human Languages - English, Bengali, Hindi
I enjoy subjects like Physics, Maths and Computer Science and also play Guitar in my free time.


Urban Dictionary client for Androidâ„¢
EarthView downloader and parser
Some of my open-source projects are on Github.